Horizon 2020 Space Information Day
Elzbieta Woloszynska / organization
UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre
Warsaw, Poland
Elzbieta Woloszynska
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Elzbieta Woloszynska / organization
UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre
Poland, Warsaw
Elzbieta Woloszynska,

About Us

Environmental Information Centre UNEP/GRID-Warsaw, branch of the National Foundation for Environmental Protection, was established on 17 September 1991 pursuant to the official agreement signed between the Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Polish Government (Ministry of the Environment, Forestry, and Natural Resources). We are the UN-affiliated agency (UNEP Collaborating Centre) and the member of the GRID (Global Resource Information Database) network promoting use of the Geographic Information Systems GIS in the researching activities and providing access to environmental information. The mission of UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre is collecting, processing and providing access to information about environmental processes and phenomena concerning especially Poland and Central and Eastern Europe using geographical information systems and remote sensing techniques. Moreover, the task of Centre is to promote GIS and ICT applications as technologies supporting environmental management among public units. Areas of activity and expertise include: environmental data processing, environmental reporting, thematic environmental mapping (from data collection through data analyses, editing activities and professional cartographical approach to data visualisation), database and meta-database creation and maintenance, geographic information system (GIS) analysis and programming, image processing, analysis of socio-economic data, web-based and web-GIS applications, multimedia presentations, and environmental education. Key international projects: Corine Land Cover 2006, CASCADOSS (6th FP), PSPE (INTERREG3C), Karkonosze in the INSPIRE(...) (PL-CZ EWT), Carpathian Project (CADSES).

Space & Call topics

  • Satellite Navigation applications
  • Climate
  • Emergency
  • Land


UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre


City: Warsaw




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