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Horizon 2020 Space Information Days 2016


Horizon 2020 is the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for the years 2014-2020 that aims at stimulating growth and creating jobs in Europe. It has a budget of just over €70 billion for that period and has been launched on 1 January 2014. A budget of € 1.42 billion has been earmarked over this 7 year-period to support space activities.

You can find the presentations of former events on this website.
You can register still for the Online Partner Search Database (even without attending one of our events).

In 2015 and 2016 five major international events provided first-hand information on the content of the coming calls and brought interested actors together for matchmaking. Both events were organised by the European Commission and COSMOS2020, the network of National Contact Points (NCP) for Space. Presentations of these events can still be downloaded under "Former events".

Also in 2017 and 2018 COSMOS2020 is going to offer you international Information Days with details and specialist advice on EU Space calls, dedicated brokerage sessions for bilateral meetings as well as networking opportunities. Please check our list of upcoming events below.

Moreover this website is not only the registration platform for all events but offers a permanent Online Partner Search Database to find the project partners you need for your Horizon 2020 proposal. By using different filters you can search our database by areas of interest, call topics or other criteria.


Next events

European Space Week - Tallin /Estonia

3 – 9 November 2017

ESW tallin nov 2017  



SPACE week 2017 in Rome / Italy

21-23 November 2017

SPACE week flyer 2 



Horizon 2020 Space Information Day and Brokerage Event in Warsaw, Poland

13-14 December 2017



Former events 



 4-5 October 2016


 14-15 September 2016


19 - 20 April 2016







28 - 29 September 201


9 - 10 November 2015




21 - 23 October 2015






The 2016-2017 work programme for the Space theme under Horizon 2020 was formally published on 14 October 2015 on the Participant Portal: http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/data/ref/h2020/wp/2016_2017/main/h2020-wp1617-leit-space_en.pdf. For some topics additional documents are available through the Participant Portal.

The work programme includes:

  • Applications in Satellite Navigation – Galileo
  • Earth Observation – Copernicus
  • Competitiveness of the European Space Sector (Space Technology, Space Exploration and Science, International Cooperation, Outreach and Communication)
  • Protection of European Assets in and from Space (Space Weather, Space Debris and Near Earth Objects) as part of the COMPET topics
  • SME Instruments and Fast Track to Innovation


This website serves as the event homepage for events and at the same time hosts a online partner search database. When you register (no matter if for events or just for partner search) you have the chance to create cooperation profiles. You can also select your areas of interest and indicate your preferred call topics from the 2016/2017 Space work programme. This makes the partner search database a powerful tool.

During the events you can have bilateral meetings with other participants in dedicated “Brokerage Sessions“ based on a selection and booking process supported by the partner search database. This booking process is done online some days in advance of the events. Further details are explained under "How it works".


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